Who am I

Adaptation of the portrait of Seika Kobayshi in collaboration with MARCK (video installation)

The question of the “I” is an existential question that has always concerned us humans. Are we a collection of molecules that act faithfully to the genetic makeup of our parents? Are we spiritual beings with a soul? Are we a puzzle piece of a social structure that has been conditioned to patterns of action

Modeled sharpening and blurring, facial fragments flowing over and into one another, are subtracted from the protagonist. The open back of the head was filled with video projections of the respective viewers by the video artist MARCK and symbolizes the influence of our own and external projections on our ego.

In the interplay of inside and outside, virtual and traditional, the sculpture is a symbol of man in search of himself.

Dimensions in cm: 50 width x 70 height x 41 depth

Year: 2023

Material: Terracotta, oil paint, video screens