My vision is to expose the equality of every human being and to empower the emotional self-healing process.


By studying emotional states and manifesting them to a sculpture I create a conscious mirror which reflects the observer’s feelings.

Baroque pop art meets morbid beauty.

Margarete Adler combines contrasting concepts and forms of expression. She confronts stylistic elements of Impressionism with statements of pop art, mixes Baroque beauty with contemporary realism, and coordinates abstract ideas into expressionist manifestations.

At first glance, the beauty of the sculptures catches the eye. Handcrafted down to the smallest detail. Shapes and colours combined with traditional craftsmanship, modern techniques and materials.

On the second glance you can see the cracks. Not only by sudden differences in the use of materials, but also by the integrity of the sculptures. Conflicts in the outer beauty point to unnoticed emotional worlds inside and lead the viewer into a previously unrecognizable depth. In doing so, the artist investigates social rules and juxtaposes them with the personal longings of the protagonists. The search for love meets norms; the desire for closeness and security meets doctrines; mother love meets educational absolutism and the desire for unity meets egoism.

The discovery? The lover’s love can mean prison for the beloved. The norms of the normative can become the freedom of the ungrounded. The inner conflict can turn into outer beauty.

In Margarete Adler’s art, it is not the smooth perfection of our advertising society that is the index of grace, but rather the meeting of inner conflicts with the outer form. For her it is not about a body that makes a spiritual experience, but about the spiritual that may experience a physical experience. She is sensitive to her surroundings, observes interpersonal relationships and feeds her sculptures with everyday events.

Driven by depth in every detail, by solutions to complex questions and the provocative urge to defy all authority, Margarete Adler is an indispensable artist who fulfils an important destiny in our society:

The fight against irrelevance!