Silent Maids or a Kimono for the Dead

Portrait Seika

One of the most important Japanese virtues of women is quiet humility and modesty. Wives today still silently serve the family and the husband.

Shinin awase translates to “wrong side” and signifies winding the kimono to the left. Only the deceased are dressed with the kimono on the “wrong side”. The colour white is worn at funerals AND weddings.

Porträt Seika Kobayashi

Dimensions in cm: 50 width x 70 height x 41 depth

Year: 2018 – 2019

Material: Cast in polyurethane, oil paint, brass wire

Edition: 3 + AP

Sold: AP


Dimensions in cm: 38 width x 57 height x 18 depth

Year: 2022

Material: Terracotta, concrete plinth, white gold mosaic, oil paint, brass wire

Edition: Unique