Ophelia or The unsuccessful Memento Mori Project

Portrait Marisa

Ophelia as a symbol of longing, unreturned love in the happiness of submission. The child bride and virgin as Madonna or angel-like figure, pale and graceful as Memento mori symbol. Roses, ivy, chrysanthemums, calla, water lilies, lotus symbolise the false happiness of unrequited love and the idealisation of death.

Flower symbolism of death 19th century

Rose: Love, beauty and transience, white for innocence and pink for beauty.

Ivy: immortality, life and death

Chrysanthemum: remembrance of the dead, fate, memory

Calla: resurrection, surrender; immortality

Lily: purity, love and transience, eternal light

Lotus: Immortality

Portrait of Marisa Emadi

Dimensions in cm: 55 width x 54 height x 19 depth

Year: 2015

Material: Terracotta, concrete base, oil paint, silk flowers

Edition: Single piece, unique