1967 Born in Greifswald

1992 – 1998 University of Fine Arts in Dresden, study of fine arts, subject painting / graphics Diploma for painting / graphics

1994 – Study visit, India, Nepal

1995 – 1996 Study visit, New York, USA

2002 – 2003 Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences for Design Best-Sabel-Design, Berlin

2008 – today Lecturer Games Academy, Berlin

2013 – 2014 Des. Professor, GAH University of the Digital Society

Margarete Adler lives and works in Berlin.

Collections (selection)

Sberbank Collection, Russia

Europapark Art Collection, Germany

Morgen & Stern Collection, Germany

Collection Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Germany

Buddenbrookhaus Collection, Germany

Collection AWD Holding AG, Germany

Collection GTMB, Germany

Various private collections, Germany

Awards/Memberships (selection)


Society of Portrait sculpture

Sculpture network


La Galeria Pall Mall, „Face 2018“, Society of Portrait sculpture, London, UK. Illustrated, 2018

Widewalls. Online magazine, „13 Artworks to Collect at Berliner Liste“. Berlin, Germany, illustrated, 2016

La Galeria Pall Mall, „Face 2016“, Society of Portrait sculpture, London, UK. Illustrated, 2016