Margarete Adler is a highly innovative, extremely unconventional and surprising artist who explores sculptural transitions from baroque to pop and from morbidity to classical beauty, as well as the confrontation between decay and fun.

After earning a degree in Fine Arts in Dresden, she spent several intense years working as a multitalented freelancer for film productions and founded the Atelier Niesler company, which very successfully designs, constructs and develops decorations, props, film sets, models and visual special effects. Margarete Adler is a fetishist when it comes to techniques and the range of possibilities that materials can offer. She unites traditional handwork with an alchemistic mission and works with specialists from different fields and faculties. Her experimentation with all kinds of synthetics has enabled her to enhance the digital world of video games with haptic experiences, investigating the limits of re-translating the digital into the real.

Margarete Adler is an experienced lecturer, who has taught Fine Arts in Braunschweig and Frankfurt am Main and is currently teaching at the Games Academy in Berlin.